7 Best Dropbox Alternative Apps for Android 2018

Gone are the days of offline file storage. You don’t have to physically carry a thumb drive or an external hard disk for the portability of data. It’s just a matter of a few taps to store files on the cloud.

When it comes to cloud storage apps for Android, Dropbox comes in the first row. Still, you might want an alternative due to the feeble 2 GB available for free accounts or because of the absence of end-to-end encryption. You know you want an Android app like Dropbox. Just the realization doesn’t help here given the multiple options available. For the same reason, I have handpicked a few of the best services and listed out here to help you choose the suitable one

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Best Dropbox Alternative Android Apps 2018

1. Google Drive

Of course, you don’t want me to introduce this Google child. It has become irremovable in a list of cloud storage services. The very first feature that you must look for, in a cloud storage service is the amount of space. For a free Google Drive account, they allow 15 GB storage. You should bear in mind that it is the total amount of space available for a free account.

Google Drive

Google Drive gets you access to the best range of online productivity tools. And, it also helps to enhance your business with G Suite at a price of $10 per month. As we compare the specifications, it will become obvious that Google Drive is a strong rival to Dropbox. The pricing is too low as well ($1.99 per month for 100 GB).   DownloadQR-Code Google Drive Developer: Google LLC Price: Free+

2. Microsoft OneDrive

Next up in this list of top Dropbox alternatives is Microsoft OneDrive. And, it’s a tight competitor to both the Google Drive and Dropbox.

You can share files to the cloud whenever you want. Given the app came out from Microsoft, they have given you all the facilities including cross-platform support. We are already aware of Microsoft’s dominance in Office applications. You will get access to such tools as you choose OneDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive

In case you are a person who works with a lot of office files. You should go to OneDrive as it helps you stay together with the team even if you are physically away. You will get 15 GB with the free account. The cost for 50 GB is $1.99.   DownloadQR-Code Microsoft OneDrive Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: Free+

3. MediaFire

If you are a person who downloads files from the web, you might have already visited MediaFire. People choose this service because of the simplicity and the convenience.

You get 12 GB space with the free account. Moreover, it is possible for you to win around 50 GB as well. It can store any type of file you share, be it an image, photo, video, document, or music.

MediaFire – DropBox alternative?

The developers have made it possible for you to stream or view the content online so that you won’t have to download them and lose the local space. The best thing about MediaFire is most of the Android file explorers support it. And for the same reason, you can share files with a few clicks.   DownloadQR-Code MediaFire Developer: MediaFire Price: Free   

4. Box

Box is one of the most popular cloud storage services for Android. It has got featured on multiple publications as the best in the business. You can add any type of file into your Box account and share it with anyone. The platform has a facility to generate a shareable link, using which you can send the file to your friends or colleagues without racking your brain.


The free plan gets you 10 GB storage. No matter free or paid, you will get file-level security features. The app can open 200+ types of files using partner apps. It is possible for you to even search inside a file online.   DownloadQR-Code Box Developer: Box Price: Free   

5. Shoebox

What if you don’t want a random Dropbox alternative but an unlimited photo sharing app instead? Well, Shoebox can satisfy you with exactly what you want. It allows you to store unlimited photos on the web. The company claims they are using the same technology used by banks to protect their customers’ pictures.


There is a Facebook photo backup option to have all your Facebook images to the cloud without even having you to manually do the work. The application supports Chromecast. The best thing about Shoebox is you can even backup your videos and camera roll. As we are living in an era of selfies, you need this type of an application to relive your precious moments.   DownloadQR-Code Shoebox – Photo Storage and Cloud Backup Developer: Couch Labs INC. Price: Free+

6. Amazon Drive

Yeah, Amazon also has a cloud storage service. You may not get many unique features out of this. However, the level of security is top-notch here. You can upload any file to the cloud from your phone using the application (free storage is 5 GB). And, it is possible to see the same from various platforms as well. Sharing is just a walk in the park as there are attachment option and links available.

Amazon Drive

Just like most of the popular Dropbox-like applications, Amazon Drive also has online file viewing facility. You can just work on it as a local file system. In the latest update, the developers have made the application more user-friendly with easy navigation and bug fixes.   DownloadQR-Code Amazon Drive Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC Price: Free   

7. pCloud

Last, but one of the top in this list is pCloud. You may not want to have the biggest names in the industry. Then, pCloud will suit you the best as you can easily avail 20 GB for free. They protect your data with military-grade client-side encryption. And, the changes you make to the files get synced among all your devices. Once you signup, you will get 10 GB free space. The additional 10 GB is available on their website (my.pcloud.com).

Inside the app, you get a built-in audio player to listen to songs without downloading them. The sharing is so easy that the receiver doesn’t need to have a pCloud account.   DownloadQR-Code pCloud: Kostenloser Cloud-Speicher Developer: pCloud LTD Price: Free+


You have got seven Dropbox alternative apps for your Android device. I can’t point out the best one on this list. It is your requirements that make an app best for you.

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