16 Best Antivirus & Security Apps For Android 2018 – Protect Your Device

Nothing is denying when I say hackers increased substantially in number. We can’t suppress them, all we can do is to stay safer and secure. Further, due to the over usage of the Android smartphones, it became the primary target. Under this situation, we shouldn’t ignore the security & antivirus apps for Android mobiles in 2017.

After all, picking the right security became a daunting task. With the pool of Android apps in the Google Play Store, you’ll be directionless. Well, any antivirus app installation requires closer attention. The feeble built-in defense system doesn’t have enough competence to fight against the attacks. In some cases, inbuilt defense system is useless, so you need to take caution before anything running out of the hands. Let’s see some of the best antivirus apps for Android 2018. Let’s dive in!

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Best Antivirus & Security Apps For Android Phone & Tablets 2018

1. 360 Security

360 security is the hands down security and privacy apps you need to have. Apart from the Antivirus, you’ll also bless with tons of cool features that include App locker, phone coolergame boost, space cleaner, app manager, find my phone, call and SMS filter, and data monitor. You’ll get the ads or sponsored advertisement in each scan you perform; it’s not a big deal considering the feature it offers. You’ll also get a notification toggle to activate the quick settings including torch, booster, and alarm. You can control the notification you may receive in the future.

360 Security For Android

One thing that draws me away from the 360 safety is the Antivirus engine it has, though it has some powerful engine but it not gets updated regularly. Unlike AVG and other antivirus services, 360 Security doesn’t refresh the antivirus database often. You have to upgrade manually to the latest version to stay safer. The minimalistic and intuitive user interface, host of the features deserves the top ranking.   DownloadQR-Code 360 Security – Antivirus Developer: 360 Mobile Security Limited Price: Free+

2. CM Security

It is the younger brother of 360 security at least in the features standpoint. It requires some permissions including accessibility, app usage access and some other if you are in Android Marshmallow to get the advanced protection. The virus definition and the engine gets updates quite often, which is welcome changes.

When it comes to the features and performance, it slightly underperforms when compared with 360 security. You’ll get App lockSafe browsing (a built-in web browser that anonymises your browsing, similar to Ghostery browser), Call ID blockerWiFi security, battery saverphone boostervirus definition updater (to stay updated), find lost phonedownload safety, and many others.

CM Security

WiFi Security is new, and that’s added in the recent updates, which is crucial if you rely heavily on WiFi. It enables you to check the privacy and security breaches in the DNS secure, SSL secure, and connection, best part it also tests your internet speed. Everything is fine, too many features may annoy and confuse newbies. If you are a power user, then CM security must be in your list.

  DownloadQR-Code Security Master – Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster Developer: Cheetah Mobile (AppLock & AntiVirus) Price: Free+

3. AVG

Being one of the antivirus tools, AVG stands out with premium features. With the 9% global antivirus market share, AVG is a reliable solution as the antivirus. After all, scanning and terminating the viruses never so be ease without AVG. Like CM security, you can find your stolen/lost smartphone, even you can erase the files remotely if you need. Well, other eye-catching features like App booster, quick scan, internet protection, app locking, pattern, etc.

AVG Antivirus For Android

The trust of the brand and recognition make it as ease option. As a verdict, it doesn’t let any other trouble your device anymore!   DownloadQR-Code AVG AntiVirus 2019 for Android Security Developer: AVG Mobile Price: Free+

4. Avast

Being the free antivirus app for Android phones, Avast deserves mention here. Avast Antivirus is well-known for its terrific performance and hefty options to fine-tune your security level. With over 15% of antivirus market share, they have been in this industry for years.

With the Avast app, you can easily scan and remove virus/malware instantly. Avast is not only packed with antivirus feature but also comes with protection against the identity theft and privacy. You can ring/alarm your phone when it is stolen or lost. Furthermore, you can erase the files remotely in case it isn’t under your control.

Still, many of the Avast app users are happy with the features it offers like a lock for specific apps,  incoming calls/SMS filters, remote lock or erasing data, Avast widget, web shield, firewall and the list goes on. After all, it is the best security apps for Android out there in the market with free of cost.   DownloadQR-Code Avast Antivirus – Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner Developer: Avast Software Price: Free+

5. Bitdefender

Though their market share is quite low as 2.5%, still it is a professional service stay safe and secure. With its sophisticated cloud-based technology terminates virus/malware with no time. Since it has the advanced engine that ends the culprits that are the just outbreak.

It prevents the malicious app installations and gets out of those shit. The efficient engine uses the less resource and yields more. There is no need of any battery saving applications, and it doesn’t create any other sort of battery problems. Well, it is packed with the essential features like locking the phone when stolen or lost, secure browsing, and other things.   DownloadQR-Code Bitdefender Antivirus Free Developer: Bitdefender Price: Free   

6. Dr. Web Antivirus Light

Dr. Web is a paid premium tool that you need to pretend against the theft, spam, and other anti-virus activities. With Dr web, you can quickly scan the whole Android phone; you can able customize the scan and add to filters, or you can specify which folders/file you need to study. Origin Tracing Technology built in, to slash the malware that is just born.

It will scan and protect the SD card from Trojans/Malware. Its antivirus engine algorithm is frequently updated, which makes it ready for the fight against the malware’s that are still young. Dr. Web also includes handy features like Anti-spamanti-theft. After all, it is equipped with real-time data analysis to check whether your device is infected or not, it will provide the detailed steps to overcome those pesky situations.   DownloadQR-Code Anti-virus Dr.Web Light Developer: Doctor Web, Ltd Price: Free   


Over 8.1% of the global antivirus software share is under the ESET’s hand. With its ground gain feature, one can quickly assure the smartphone from hazards. The extremely advanced antivirus engine will surely put down any revolts on Android device. This app will also safeguard personal and private files like Photos, Images, Contacts, and others on the phone.

ESET Mobile Security app will help you in defense of your smartphone when it is stolen/lost. You can track and quickly erase or lock your android phone when it reached the anonymous person. Being the best antivirus for android ESET even look after the spam calls/SMS and add filters to it. ESET is the best-paid antivirus for android but doesn’t be worried you’ll get 30 days free trial to check its quality.   DownloadQR-Code Mobile Security & Antivirus Developer: ESET Price: Free+

8. Avira

The minimalistic features equipped with the power and resonating with the reputable brand, Avira is the best android antivirus or security app. It is developed by the German-based developers, which is primarily devoted to getting rid of the spam and clutter. With 5.6 % market share, Avira looks after all the data including photos, contacts, email and other confidential.

The Anti-theft alert is something unique in the Avira, and one can quickly lock, erase or lock your lost device. Even you find your phone in the maps and ring the phone with maximum volume or display a custom message. You can quickly locate and delete all the information in your missing device using Avira. It performs the antivirus job excellent, which automatically update its virus algorithm. You can block the unwanted calls and SMS. Even you can prevent your emails IDs from being hacked.   DownloadQR-Code Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock Developer: AVIRA Price: Free+

9. NQ Mobile Security

NQ Mobile Security is another beast in the Android antivirus apps list. It is an award-winning antivirus app with dedicated agency certificates. There are millions of users installed this best android security app, I think they won’t be wrong. NQ Mobile Security can help you to safeguard Android in various modes and acts as the anti-spam agentprivacy protection and a lot of other more.

It is the powerful anti-malware app to erase all your infected file on your Android phone without any difficulty. With user-friendly UI and powerful options makes it stand out, and comprehensive, optimized mobile security plays a significant role to make your mobile safe. With its QR scanner, you can quickly scan all your barcodes and get rid of the spam or virus-rich links and get you land on the authority sites.   DownloadQR-Code NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus Developer: NQ Mobile Security (NYSE:NQ) Price: Free+

10. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky is a renowned name in the web security and anti-virus industry. Being the paid tool, it totally worth every penny. Premium features weren’t lacking in Kaspersky. You’ll get an ample set of security options including Anti-theft, real-time internet protection and downloaded files scanning to land you secure.

The latest antivirus technology protects from the anti-malware attack, equipped with advanced web protection for hassle free web surfing, well infrastructure privacy protection, and SMS or calls filter to make smartphone under your authority.

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