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7 Best Dropbox Alternative Apps for Android 2018

Gone are the days of offline file storage. You don’t have to physically carry a thumb drive or an external hard disk for the portability of data. It’s just a matter of a few taps to store files on the cloud.

When it comes to cloud storage apps for Android, Dropbox comes in the first row. Still, you might want an alternative due to the feeble 2 GB available for free accounts or because of the absence of end-to-end encryption. You know you want an Android app like Dropbox. Just the realization doesn’t help here given the multiple options available. For the same reason, I have handpicked a few of the best services and listed out here to help you choose the suitable one

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Best Dropbox Alternative Android Apps 2018

1. Google Drive

Of course, you don’t want me to introduce this Google child. It has become irremovable in a list of cloud storage services. The very first feature that you must look for, in a cloud storage service is the amount of space. For a free Google Drive account, they allow 15 GB storage. You should bear in mind that it is the total amount of space available for a free account.

Google Drive

Google Drive gets you access to the best range of online productivity tools. And, it also helps to enhance your business with G Suite at a price of $10 per month. As we compare the specifications, it will become obvious that Google Drive is a strong rival to Dropbox. The pricing is too low as well ($1.99 per month for 100 GB).   DownloadQR-Code Google Drive Developer: Google LLC Price: Free+

2. Microsoft OneDrive

Next up in this list of top Dropbox alternatives is Microsoft OneDrive. And, it’s a tight competitor to both the Google Drive and Dropbox.

You can share files to the cloud whenever you want. Given the app came out from Microsoft, they have given you all the facilities including cross-platform support. We are already aware of Microsoft’s dominance in Office applications. You will get access to such tools as you choose OneDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive

In case you are a person who works with a lot of office files. You should go to OneDrive as it helps you stay together with the team even if you are physically away. You will get 15 GB with the free account. The cost for 50 GB is $1.99.   DownloadQR-Code Microsoft OneDrive Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: Free+

3. MediaFire

If you are a person who downloads files from the web, you might have already visited MediaFire. People choose this service because of the simplicity and the convenience.

You get 12 GB space with the free account. Moreover, it is possible for you to win around 50 GB as well. It can store any type of file you share, be it an image, photo, video, document, or music.

MediaFire – DropBox alternative?

The developers have made it possible for you to stream or view the content online so that you won’t have to download them and lose the local space. The best thing about MediaFire is most of the Android file explorers support it. And for the same reason, you can share files with a few clicks.   DownloadQR-Code MediaFire Developer: MediaFire Price: Free   

4. Box

Box is one of the most popular cloud storage services for Android. It has got featured on multiple publications as the best in the business. You can add any type of file into your Box account and share it with anyone. The platform has a facility to generate a shareable link, using which you can send the file to your friends or colleagues without racking your brain.


The free plan gets you 10 GB storage. No matter free or paid, you will get file-level security features. The app can open 200+ types of files using partner apps. It is possible for you to even search inside a file online.   DownloadQR-Code Box Developer: Box Price: Free   

5. Shoebox

What if you don’t want a random Dropbox alternative but an unlimited photo sharing app instead? Well, Shoebox can satisfy you with exactly what you want. It allows you to store unlimited photos on the web. The company claims they are using the same technology used by banks to protect their customers’ pictures.


There is a Facebook photo backup option to have all your Facebook images to the cloud without even having you to manually do the work. The application supports Chromecast. The best thing about Shoebox is you can even backup your videos and camera roll. As we are living in an era of selfies, you need this type of an application to relive your precious moments.   DownloadQR-Code Shoebox – Photo Storage and Cloud Backup Developer: Couch Labs INC. Price: Free+

6. Amazon Drive

Yeah, Amazon also has a cloud storage service. You may not get many unique features out of this. However, the level of security is top-notch here. You can upload any file to the cloud from your phone using the application (free storage is 5 GB). And, it is possible to see the same from various platforms as well. Sharing is just a walk in the park as there are attachment option and links available.

Amazon Drive

Just like most of the popular Dropbox-like applications, Amazon Drive also has online file viewing facility. You can just work on it as a local file system. In the latest update, the developers have made the application more user-friendly with easy navigation and bug fixes.   DownloadQR-Code Amazon Drive Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC Price: Free   

7. pCloud

Last, but one of the top in this list is pCloud. You may not want to have the biggest names in the industry. Then, pCloud will suit you the best as you can easily avail 20 GB for free. They protect your data with military-grade client-side encryption. And, the changes you make to the files get synced among all your devices. Once you signup, you will get 10 GB free space. The additional 10 GB is available on their website (

Inside the app, you get a built-in audio player to listen to songs without downloading them. The sharing is so easy that the receiver doesn’t need to have a pCloud account.   DownloadQR-Code pCloud: Kostenloser Cloud-Speicher Developer: pCloud LTD Price: Free+


You have got seven Dropbox alternative apps for your Android device. I can’t point out the best one on this list. It is your requirements that make an app best for you.

How To Join & Share Whatsapp Group Links

Hi friends, here i guide you how to join & share your whatsapp group link to your friends and relatives in easy way. This way you get more new friends in your group. What’s app is most popular in the android users. Whatsappis easy way to communicate to each other. If you want how to add someone on whatsapp group or you want to join other group then try this method. You see some people share their whatsapp group link on Facebook . I also posted HOW TO REMOVE ALL MEMBERS OF A GROUP OF FACEBOOK IN A SINGLE TIME.

Join & Share Whatsapp Group Links Easy Tricks

I think you heard this feature before anywhere if not then see this feature how to create an invitation on whatsappby my way. Now i will explore all steps, step wise, for creating whatsapp group link to invite in our group we use app GB whatsapp, this app will helps us with many more option, with this app you run two whatsapp in a time, you can hide your status, call record and much more. It is full of features and powerful. So learn how to create whatsapp group link.

Advantage Of Whatsapp Group Link

Making a group whatsapp link have many advantage. We show you some check it out

  • Every person can join your group with the help of a simple link, admin permission not require in this trick.
  • In this trick we save our time because no need to save contact before join group.
  • Any one can join without approval
  • We make many type of groups and make friends like group theme as whatsapp group for singlejoin whatsapp music groupwhatsapp group for dating, whatsapp friends etc.

There are some disadvantage too that anyone can join  and spam it but don’t worry if you are admin then you can revoke this group link, like this anyone can not join your group when ever you want. This is the way you safe from spammers.

How to create Whatsapp Group Join Link

You want some extra friends in your group. But how to invite a friend on whatsapp. Then you need to create a whatsapp group link, in which many people join your whatsapp group. I will guide you to create whatsapp group join link follow it step wise. If you want to join some one’s group then view whatsapp group join me. We use Gb whatsapp  to create it is a whatsapp modified version it is specially for dual account. For detail of gb whatsapp read it, i posted GB Whatsapp A New Version Of Whatsapp.

  • First download and install GB whatsapp Download

create Whatsapp Group Join Link

  • Now verify your mobile no.
  • After completing installation open it and go to menu
  • Then click on Group info
  • After it click on add participant icon

Join & Share Whatsapp Group Links

  • Now click on invite to group via link and after it copy given link
  • At last send that link to other’s people, it is a invitation for whatsapp link

Who click on this link and accept invitation that person will be able to send or receive messages in that group. Some people think that is whatsapp safe from group invite link whatsapp. Yes it is safe and admin can handle his security. So create invite link whatsapp.

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Final Words-

This is the easiest way to create whatsapp group joining link . Like this any person can join your group via your whatsapp group link join list. Maximum member limit is 256 in one group after it your group link is not able to join  any person, so remember it. Like this you use Indian whatsapp group links list and enjoy this trick. If you found any problem then write to me. thank’s for reading this post, for more post like this subscribe now.

Best 9 PUBG Tricks & Hacks to Play like a PRO

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, in short PUBG, the most popular Battle Royale game that took the internet by storm has shattered many records and has quickly emerged as the most popular game in its domain.

The unique Battle Royale game has quickly caught the attention of Millions of gamers and everyone is really enjoying and are testing their mettle by challenging unknown players in the battlegrounds and taking them down with modern weapons.

The survival game features a very unique game theme. Not everyone becomes a winner. You need to survive in order to be the winner. If you love tasting the Chicken Dinners in PUBG then you need to master the art of playing PUBG.

If your victories happened by luck then make them permanent by following some useful PUBG Tricks that will turn you to be a professional PUBG player.

In this article, we will be revealing some Best and most handy PUBG Tricks & Hacks to Play like a PRO. So keep your eyes on these tricks and be the best survivor.

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Best PUBG Tricks & Hacks:

One of the Best thing about PUBG is that it inherits the real world game dynamics perfectly and the combats will be with the real world players. So one has to have a clear understanding of the real world combats in order be a good PUBG player. You need to think and act like real world soldier and has to use your mind power as well.

So here we have listed some PUBG tips that will instantly turn a beginner into an expert PUBG player instantly.

#1 Hit the Right spot –

You need to be wise while choosing the right spot to land safely and continue your race against survival. In PUBG if you land at the wrong spot at right then you may end up the game in just a few minutes or at times just as soon as you land.

The best tip is to land at a spot where you find decent loot with less number of players.

While you were in the air before landing keep an eye on the map to identify which spot is heavily crowded with players and it is better to avoid them initially.

#2 Early Bird Catches Worm!

The first thing you need to do as soon as you land is to collect the loot. Don’t focus on shooting immediately, Instead just collect the loot.

Once you are dead in PUBG you are done for the game. You don’t have multiple chances. To increase your win chances collect weapons, ammo and armory. You’ll find decent loot scattered around in buildings and supply crate drops.

You will end up looting the most in PUBG loot maps like Military Base, Pochinki, School, Hospital on Erangel & Hacienda del Patrón, Pecado, Los Leones, Campo Militar, EL Pozo on Miramar.

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#3 Hunt Like Cheetah –

Credits – BeanTheGoalie

Re-emphasizing the fact that PUBG has some pretty good real-world game motions and dynamics. You need to be able to judge the right time to shoot at the target. Don’t just shoot immediately as soon as you see the target.

Only shoot when you’re in range, else you will end up dying. To reduce this learn the art of attacking in silence. Hunt like Cheetah, get a close shot, lock, load and fire!

#4 Keep an Eye on Map –

Always keep an eye on the map. PUBG maps are very important for keeping an edge over the game. Keep checking the area for every now and then. It will take time to get familiarize with the map, but is totally worth getting habituated to check the map. You might be aware that in PUBG the map shrinks. Keeping an eye on the map will help you to reach to a safe zone at the earliest.

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#5 Stay Calm and Keep Moving!

You need to be very quiet while moving across the Battle Grounds. Again this is because, just like in the real world, in PUBG, even a small sound will get noticed and draws the attention of the other players.

So better stay calm. It is suggested to move on barefoot as it will help you be unnoticed by other players in some environments. Don’t worry your speed won’t get affected when you move on barefoot. Staying calm is the key PUBG strategy to make presence felt.

#6 The Bait Trick –

The best thing about the PUBG is its principle, “Survival of the fittest”. You win more, you need to kill more. If you wish to kill more people without shedding your blood we will share a clever trick that actually works. Just find a safe place and hide so that no one sees you.

Now drop any of the best weapon or Armour you own on the floor in such a way that other players notice it. Now kill the players who come for it.

#7 The PUBG frying PAN –

PUBG features countless modern combat weapons, but there is a weird weapon that actually sounds a bit funny as well when you hear it. The Ultimate PUBG frying PAN.

Yes, you heard it right. The extremely popular game features a frying pan as a weapon and it comes very handy. It helps you dodge bullets. You can wave it accurately and escape from incoming bullets. So next time you see a frying pan just equip it. No bullet can penetrate the frying pan.

#8 Use Silencers (Suppressors) –

Now, this is one of the PUBG cheats which most people don’t know. Your opponents can easily detect your location by your firing sound. But you can decrease the gunfire sound by attaching a suppressor in your gun. All major guns can be attached by Suppressors in PUBG Mobile. It doesn’t lower the bullet damage.

#9 Use headphones –

Well, many PUBG experts suggest that the game can be enjoyed to fullest with headphones. The game has a 3D surround sound. One advantage of playing with headphones is that it helps you to take notice of the incoming players by listening to their footsteps. Also, it helps you communicate and listen to calls of your squad mates and act wisely. So enjoy the game with sound.

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Ending the Article –

These are some of the coolest and most handy tips that are followed by pro-PUBG players and these tips help you win Chicken Dinners for the day.

What’s your PUBG Strategy to get the most chicken dinners.

Are you a professional PUBG player? Have something to share? Add more tips and tricks and share your experience with other players.

Call Blacklist Apk Free Call blocker Download For Android

Tired of annoying unknown, known phone calls, want to get rid of them. Then Call Blacklist Apk is the best choice for that. Its one of the most rated app in Google play store of this genre.

Call Blacklist apk is an all in one app. Call blocker and SMS filter in one app. Also it is very lightweight and simple interface app. Block calls and messages from any specific number, private number, also the number you didn’t save in your device.

Just add unwanted numbers to the blacklist or enable one of blocking options: “Private numbers”, “Unknown numbers” or “All calls”. Its phone blocking is very effective. Also lets you choose each number you want to block.

Call Blacklist Apk Features:

  • Black list option: Palce list of numbers you want to block
  • Whitelist: This app also got the white list. The list of numbers you don’t want to block. So prevent from blocking the numbers you don’t want to block.
  • Schedule: Set up the time, list some number you don’t want to call you in that specific time.
  • Journal of blocked calls and messages.
  • One click ON/OFF call blocker or SMS blocker.
  • Blocking of unknown and private numbers.
  • Blocking by prefix (“Begins with” option).
  • Blacklist saving and loading.

Call Blacklist Apk Advantages:

  • Very effective and strong Call blocker
  • Works in All devices
  • Easy and simple user interface
  • File size is very lightweight
  • Free to use

Add numbers from call logs, contacts, also message logs. You can also input number manually. It has wide range of setting option. Block calls, as well as messages. Also block the notification of the calls to get rid of disturbance.

Protect your call list and message list with password protection. Enable blocking option to block private numbers, also unknown numbers. You can also block all the calls you have in your mobile. The call blocker does exactly what it’s supposed to with no noticeable and annoying adverts. So download the Call Blacklist App to secure your privacy.

Download Windows 7 Launcher For Android 2019 (APK + Tutorial)

In general, Android launchers are interesting, entertaining and in some cases, even useful in some situations. By just installing the app and tuning a few settings, you could change the user interface. You don’t have to mess with rooting & installing any custom ROMs to get what you need. There are launchers for different styles, among them Windows launchers are quite popular.

Although there are tons of Windows launcher For Android available out there, you have to give a shot to the Android Windows 7 launcher. It is pretty popular in all the Windows operating system, after XP. Why not get that user interface & style on your Android? there is a way to do so. Since it not available in Play Store, you have to download windows 7 launcher apk and install on your Android 2019. Without any further ado let’s dive in!

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Download Windows 7 Launcher Apk For Android 2019 (Tutorial)

What is a Launcher?

While most things can be changed about Android, being an Open Source platform, which leaves a wide array of possibilities for the Developers, there is still something that every Android user can do to change the look and the feel of their smartphone, by simply using a Launcher app. A quite noticeable and popular launcher is obviously, Windows 7. For those of you who don’t know what a ‘Launcher’ is- it’s an application which is designed to customize Android’s look and behavior. And no, it does not require rooting your device… for the most part anyway!

Download Windows 7 Launcher APK

Why Windows 7 Launcher?

The answer to that is quite easy, actually. Windows 7 is simply the most famous and if I may say so, a revolutionizing OS of the entire Windows series. It was a perfect combination of style and performance. It had it’s famous ‘Start’ button and a graphical interface that never ever got you tired. On the other hand, Windows 8 or 10 were… well, not so famous!

‘7 Launcher’ app for your smartphone will redefine the way you look at your phone forever. The app asks for user’s permission in order to draw over other Apps to change the entire looks of the home screen. You can change how Android Windows 7 Launcher will respond to accessing the native settings. It provides you with a possibility to redefine the icons on the Home Screen and also, how they must work, in this manner Windows 7 Launcher proves its worth! If you are thinking about downloading a new wallpaper for your phone, then our advice is to go one step further and change how its entire look! we also shared the Apple iPhone launcher Apps, make sure you check it out.

Windows 7 Launcher Features,

Android Windows 7 launcher has an easily understood UI which allows the user to create some primary functions. Some of them are listed as under.

Windows 7 Launcher

  • Widget Weather
  • Inbuilt Clock Widget.
  • Start menu composed of contacts, email, social networking, pictures, music.
  • Stylish icons
  • Built-in features such as copy, cut and paste like real Windows PC
  • A higher level of software enables very high-quality customization compared to any other operating system. 
  • Easy to install & no technical skills are required.
  • 7 Launcher works on Android 2.2 or later.
  • Ads can be disabled from the App settings for FREE!
  • Windows 7 Launcher is stable and lightweight.
  • It promises an increased speed for Android.

A more stable version is in the testing stage but the one available for downloads right now is still a more robust version available for any smartphone that doesn’t compromise the performance.


Technically, almost every Android smartphone/tablet needs a launcher. The users have complete control over what to keep and what to discard. There is absolutely no cross-over on the performance standards. Once you install the app, it will prompt a request giving you options to choose which home screen you would like to activate, pick the real Windows 7 Launcher apk For Android. It is still a very useful app.

As much as Android appreciates the innovation, there are always backdoor tweaks that you can apply to push the limits of your ordinary and boring smartphone to its complete potential. Users of Android like it very much when they have the freedom to change things around and customize. Hope you found this Android Windows 7 post helpful, keep visiting Android Crush for more such posts!

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 3.5.1 Premium 2018 Lifetime Keys

Malwarebytes Crack with Serial Key 2018: hey users, you already know My crew usually gives you excellent and today’s software program. these days I give you Malwarebytes Premium Key from the Nest. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium Key + Crack & License Key [Free] here. Malwarebytes Key may be very famous software for Microsoft windows macOS and Android OS. This well-known software program is used for location and removes malware. Malwarebytes is published in January 2006. you could easily use this software for the scan and eliminates malware.

Malwarebytes Crack is world famous software to remove virus and worms from your computer. Malwarebytes give you high security from the viruses no need to install any antivirus on your computer if you have Malwarebytes installed. Malwarebytes Crack scan all the modern software which are installed or not on your computer. Even you can update your outdated software very quickly. So you can find Malwarebytes keys from our website to register your software license. But, Malwarebytes can remove your cracked software and files, so if you are using cracked software of games, then please do not install Malwarebytes Crack software on your computer.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Key is a very notable product to be able to prevent every chance. it’s miles quite simple and smooth to use. you may effortlessly use this software for device protection. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium Key unfastened download along with his extraordinary capabilities and tools. you can additionally guard your computer against spyware, and malware as properly with the aid of the usage of this tools. those equipment maintain your computer gadget unfastened from infected files and inflamed applications.

Content Navigation [hide]

  • 0.1 Malwarebytes Crack/Keygen Download
  • 1 Malwarebytes Key Generator
  • 2 Malwarebytes Key 3.1.2 function:
  • 3 Descargar Malwarebytes 3.5.1 keygen Premium Full Version
  • 4 Improvements in New 3.5.1 version:
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Malwarebytes Crack/Keygen Download



Malwarebytes Key Generator

Are you looking for Malwarebytes Key 2018? It is the right place to find Malwarebytes key without any survey or cracks license is the best option to use any software for a long time without any problem. So today we are sharing a Malwarebytes key generator tool which can generate thousands on the license key in seconds you can earn money by selling them. On the internet you heard about the ransomware it is the biggest scam in the history. Attackers demand 1 or 2 bitcoins for decrepit the data. Ransomware is a virus who encrypt your computer data and demand bitcoins to decrypt your data. So the Malwarebytes software also protects us from this virus. Well, windows launched the patch for that but, it does not mean no virus can affect your computer.

Malwarebytes Key 3.1.2 function:

there are numerous new capabilities added in this ultra-modern version at the same time as some of them are cited underneath:

  • Excellent supported for home windows together with 2000.XP & 7 (64-32 bits).
  • Rapid Scanning of laptop documents.
  • Functionality in scanning all the computer drives.
  • Operating mutually in opposition to with different utilities of anti-malware.
  • The shortened list of extra services by eliminating all malware viruses manually.
  • Settings to enhance the performance of recent Malwarebytes Anti-malware.
  • Quarantine to hold threats fixes them at your convenience.
  • Fixing of protection issues & superior self-safety of Malware totally free.
  • Solving of numerous topics applicable to up-to-relationship of databases inside the limited person account.
  • Solving the hassle of tray icon i.e. when the consumer doubles click with the mouse it would now not release inside the consumer interface.
  • Fixing numerous troubles of licensing that can probably lead to invalid licenses & also protection.

Descargar Malwarebytes 3.5.1 keygen Premium Full Version

They protect you from the harmful virus and links. Sometimes you already faced this problem a popup window appeared and said your computer is in danger, please download this software to remove all the virus, etc. So they are scammers who detect your system and asking to download their software which is the main keylogger or virus. So if you download that software now they can put ads on your computer, they can copy your data manipulate data or delete your data. So the Malwarebytes protect you to this virus. Even they block these type of website so no one can hack your computer. It is the very fantastic software for windows computer. So download Malwarebytes 3.5.1 key right now.

Improvements in New 3.5.1 version:

The old model 2.2.1 2018 has been up to date on the state-of-the-art model which comes with the following enhancements and new functionalities.

  • Supported by using home windows 10 new running system.
  • blanketed Newly updated agreement License.
  • For fundamental laptop safety, experiment modes are available
  • Safeguards to save you against valid malicious files of malicious viruses.
  • Quarantine feature is to be had that holds all threats and allow you to repair along with your complete convenience.
  • development in managing scheduled new updates set to run on reset to avoid repetition & repeating of overlooked updates.
  • Edits minor within the person interface inclusive of outcomes of experiment view & additionally up to date top navigation menu.
  • Works even faster.
  • Block unwanted website who sends worms and virus-infected software.
  • Protect your system from the ransomware virus.

Malwarebytes key


How to Activate Crack?

  1. Install the program… Don’t run it yet.
  2. Add this line to your host file (use editor with admin rights)
  3. Copy and replace all files found in this archive (configuration dir) to somewhere like C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\configuration
  4. Enjoy!?

Final Words

So in this article, we discussed some harmful software and Malwarebytes Key generator so If You face any problem with keys and crack then please let me know in the Comment section I will update keys and crack version as you need. Thanks for Visiting…

Safari For Android: 5 Alternate Browsers You Should Give a Shot

Although most Apple aficionados fall hard for the expensive handsets, they do agree that Safari for iOS is the worst! It has different functions on the phone and tablet, as compared to the Mac version. While there are several other browsers that gain huge popularity over Safari, the Apple brainchild remains resilient to change, is quite confusing and in some cases, even uncomfortable for the user.

Android’s Google Play Store has several web browsers for Android, but the burning question is, Which Is Best? Let’s take a look at some of the top 5 Similar web browsers Like Safari for Android in 2019. Shall we?

Contents [Show]

Safari For Android: 5 Best Web Browsers You Should in 2019

1. Google Chrome

Chrome is Android’s flagship browser that comes pre-installed with most of the Android-based smartphones. There is barely anyone in this world who hasn’t used Chrome on their smartphones after finding its heavy use on the PC & Mac. But still, we bet you didn’t know a few things about Chrome for Android. Although there are no structural differences from the Chrome Web Browser, the mobile app does have a few tricks up its sleeve.

Google Chrome

Sync page

If you use the Chrome browser on your desktop and Android device, you can use the same bookmarks in both browsers.

In-page Search

If you are looking for a particular word in the text, Chrome for Android can help.
To do this, go to the side Menu and select “Find on Page.” The bar will open at the top to dictate the searched word, and it will highlight in orange. On the right side, the user can see if this word repeats during the text, with orange marks.

Desktop Page

Many pages do not work for mobile access, and this can cause errors, cropped screens, etc. To get a full view, in this case, the user can activate the “desktop version” by marking the item in the Chrome side menu.

Save Passwords

The browser also allows users to keep their passwords for faster and more convenient access. The feature can be adjusted through the Chrome Settings screen, enabling you to ‘Add Exceptions.’ Just activate the key and access your pages. If you change your mind, you can delete the saved passwords. Remember, it is important to lock the device so that, curious friends & family cannot access your accounts logged in through the browser.

Comparing Chrome with Safari,

If it seems like I am comparing the King to a peasant, that’s because Safari is a peasant. Although you can find some worthy features on Safari such as AirDrop, and multi-platform sharing, such as iMessages, Mail, Reminders, Notes, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. And you can also Print the web page if your iPhone is connected to a wireless printer (one that is compatible, of course!) Safari doesn’t even come close to what Chrome has to offer. You cannot change Safari’s default language settings, or Network settings such as Proxy, VPN settings etc. Overall, Chrome is one heck of browsers and a great alternative to Apple Safari for Android phones.

  DownloadQR-Code Google Chrome: Sicher surfen Developer: Google LLC Price: Free   

2. Mercury Browser (Discontinued)

Mercury Web Browser, is certainly one of the most feature-rich browsers available, despite having competing browsers. Its functions are useful and allow a good browsing experience.

Gesture navigation

With gesture navigation, you can make the application perform certain tasks, such as visiting a particular site, from a pre-programmed gesture, Ad-blocking promises to avoid visual pollution on the Internet by disabling banners and other unwanted advertisements.

Manager download

Managing your downloads has never been as easy, before Mercury. It organizes your downloaded files into proper folders & shows the progress of multiple downloads. The browser has optimized versions for Android tablets.

Reading mode

The function separates content from a particular page into a screen without images, ads or links, making it easier to read. They complete the list of features, tabbed browsing, full-screen mode, and themes.


It will make your browsing on the internet smooth by blocking inconvenient ads, Reader, Translate, Dropbox.

Comparison with Safari,

With Mercury, you can even scan a QR code, by clicking on the top right option on the Address bar, which Safari doesn’t even know about! On Mercury, you can change the font size, lock rotation for the webpage you’re currently viewing, switch to private mode at any time! Instead, on Safari you’d take at least 45 seconds to flip back and forth.   DownloadQR-Code Mercury Browser for Android Developer: iLegendsoft,Inc. Price: Free   

3. UC Browser

Update: Although, it is a great web browser it collects unnecessary information and asks for almost all the permissions. There was a breach in its data center a few months back, we don’t recommend UC browser anymore. And the way it handles sponsored articles and news is undeniably worst.

With its super fast download and loading, the UC browser comes highly rated on Google Play Store. You will see the app opening to a plain background with most used web icons already saved to favorites. A scroll to the bottom shows you several things on the palate, like headlines, entertainment news, business news, etc.

On the home screen of UC Browser, you can also pin your favorite sites, so you don’t have to scuttle for it again. A scroll to the right opens a few other popularly used Apps such as CNN, GMAIL, and also the UC Browser web store, where you get to download interesting stuff. But, too much promotional contents in UC browser turns down many.

Night Mode

Quit squinching your eyes at nights, UC Browser is here with a special feature- the Night ModeIf you browse at night, it turns on the Night Mode option which makes the interface darker. Helping not only your eyes but also, battery power.


Safari doesn’t have a night mode feature, all it has is an option to enter the private mode!   DownloadQR-Code UC Browser – Schneller Surfen Developer: UCWeb Inc. Price: Free   

4. Opera Mini

Extend the duration of your internet plan and battery. The application has undergone a major update on its interface in recent months. It provides real-time statistics and reports on the frequency of data consumption between installed applications.

Opera Browser

Opera Mini also offers data savings by compressing videos, photos, and media that are received or accessed over the internet. All this without loss of outstanding quality. You can browse the internet with the app, although running some plugins might be compromised.

Opera Mini is a very fast browser, which shows quality soon after being downloaded. The high point here is the simplicity of the user interface, the friendly design and the intuitive use of its functions. For example: by clicking on the logo menu (the letter ‘O’), you will see the browsing History, Homepage, Downloads and Browser Settings, among others. Also, the paging exchange takes place in a very agile way, just clicking on the Windows icon next to the logo. Finally, by activating ‘Off-Road’ mode, you make it easier to navigate in situations of unstable connection.

Compress short videos

Its principal function is to compress data. Videos from 3MB to 10MB in any application on your phone, not just the browser. Also, it determines which apps can use the data network and which are only allowed to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, bringing, even more, savings.

You can use it to monitor data consumption, individually, per application. The app can deliver daily or monthly usage reports. So you can know how much the phone is using and how many megabytes Opera Mini can avoid spending. With these features, the app compresses, by up to 50%, the data that arrives on the phone. That is, if the data plan is 1GB, it can last up to 50% longer.


Opera Mini has indeed improved over the years, and unlike Safari the designers of Opera Mini know exactly how to keep its users intrigued and even amazed. The App begins with an impressive graphical interface, and the whole look and feel of the browser are simply excellent!

The night mode option reduces the strain in your eyes and also has a built-in Camera option so you can collect quick pics if you ever need to send in a snapshot of something while composing a mail or chatting with a friend? Safari has none of these features and makes you flip back and forth multiple times only to send mail. It won’t let you attach pictures directly from the browser. And a great equivalent to Safari for Android indeed!   DownloadQR-Code Webbrowser Opera Mini Developer: Opera Price: Free   

5. Dolphin Browser

It may sound unusual, but Dolphin Browser is very practical. It allows you to draw with a finger for faster access. You can also create a personal gesture. Example: If you want to access Twitter, you can sketch a ‘T.’ You can see the shortcuts and settings will appear by sliding your screen to the right to left.

Dolphin Browser

Webzine Option

Dolphin wants to be even more present in your life by saving your favorite websites & displaying them in a column.


My most favorite of all is Dolphin, only because it lets me add browsers next to each other instead of opening a separate window as Safari does, and still, calls it a ‘TAB.’ On the bottom center of the app, you see a Dolphin logo which presents you a whole world of options, including sharing options, downloads, settings, and it even lets you share with Evernote! Now, that’s what I love about it!

On the right of the address bar, is the Control Panel where you can go full-screen mode or toggle between day/night mode, and even a desktop mode is available. To the right, you get to visit all your bookmarks, instead of shuffling through multiple folders at once which is a bit annoying in Chrome as well. Safari has a bookmark folder but not on the web page, you cannot integrate your bookmarked page to a current page, and it is quite hard to figure out where your bookmarks are saved as it doesn’t let you choose a specific folder!   DownloadQR-Code Dolphin Web Browser – Adblock, schnell & privat Developer: Dolphin Browser Price: Free   

Concluding Safari For Android,

It is hard to choose a favorite when they are so practical with many so many qualities. Even though some of them may have similar functions, you will find the one that suits you the most. Each browser listed here will surprise you with their quirky features, trendy looks, and their secrets. Hope you found some equivalent browsers like Safari For Android. Try them and share your experiences with us in the comments.

Fast Charging Apps To Charge Your Android Phone

  • Hi friends,Today we talk about some best charging apps. You can use these apps in your android phone to quick charge your phone. If your mobile take more time to charge then try this app because it charge your mobile faster than normal charge. These apps are available on google play store. In these app no need to root your android phone. These apps save your time to boost charging speed up to 5x faster.

Fast Charging Apps To Charge Your Android Phone

Many people search these types of apps but they think how it works, so friends here i tell you the working method of these apps. Download and install first any one who given bellow. Now start app, when it start it will close all background works so it charge your phone faster. But some apps call you to close background tasks and apps manualy. Now view these apps and download these apps.

Best Android Apps For Fast Charging-

Page Contents [hide]

  • 1 Best Android Apps For Fast Charging-
    • 1.1 Fast Charging Pro-
    • 1.2 Fast Charging-
    • 1.3 Super Fast Charger 5x-
    • 1.4 Conclusion-
    • 1.5 Share this:
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Fast Charging Pro-

This app is one best app for fast charging your android mobile phone. The best thing of this app is that its a ad free app and its a premium app but free of cost. So download it and enjoy its features. When you start this app in your android phone it will automatically detect charging. First when you connect charger click on start button, after few seconds this app detect all apps who take memory and can do mobile processor busy. This charging pro app kill these working apps. Like this your phone will charge 5 time faster. So download it and use it, download from following link.

Fast Charging Pro

Download Fast Charging Pro

Fast Charging-

This is second best working apps for fast charging our mobile. After open this app first click on start option after clicking app start working automatically. The app also suggest you to dim briteness, turn off data, turn of bluetooth, wifi, turn of gps etc manually. Maker of this app claim 20 to 40 % fast charging our phone with this app. This app is free of cost but negative point of this app is that some ad displayed in this app. Downlod this app from following link.

Fast Charging

Download Fast Charging

Super Fast Charger 5x-

This app is also most popular app on google play store. Super fast charger 5x app work as fast charging pro app and this app is also boost charging 5 time fast. This app charge our android mobile at super fast speed and user interface of this app is simple. Super fast charger 5x app display all thing like voltage, temperature, % charge etc. Download this app from this link-

Super Fast Charger 5x

Download Super Fast Charger 5x


Friends, these are some best useful working apps which you can use in your android phone. I think you become satisfy with using these apps. These apps working perfectly and you save your time for charging your mobile. If you have any suggestion or any complain or question then write to me in comment box. Thanks for reading this post for more new post subscribe now.

OneBox HD Apk Latest Version 1.0.1 Download For Android

OneBox HD Apk is by far the best Android app available on the internet that allows users to watch countless hours of video content from their smartphone. In OneBox HD Apk, you can watch your favorite movies, tv shows, cartoon videos, etc. without spending any money. The interface of OneBox HD Apk is also beyond amazing, and the app is optimized to run on low-end smartphones. On OneBox HD Apk, you can find movies or tv shows of the different genre. So, it’s one of the best video streaming app that every video lovers would love to have.

Download Lucky Patcher For Android!

It’s of no doubt that Android is right now the most popular and most used operating system in the world. Since its based on Linux, we can enjoy different types of apps on the platform. In fact, if we look back, we will find that the Android platform has recorded a steady growth in the recent years. One of the most probable reasons why millions of users love android is its endless customization option. Not only that, if you choose to root your Android smartphone, you can unveil some advanced features.

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OneBox HD Latest Version Download

OneBox HD Latest Version Download


If we look around, we will find an Android device on every hand. There are times when we just need to spend our boredom and at that moment, watching videos seems to be the best option. Right now there are countless Android apps available on the Google Play Store which allows users to watch endless hours of high-quality videos. However, most of them ask users to subscribe to a premium package.

So, if you are one of those who wants to watch high-quality videos without spending any money, then this post will really help you. In this post, we are going to explore OneBox HD Apk which is one of the best apps that allows users to stream video content. So, let’s dive deep into the OneBox HD for Android.

What is OneBox HD Apk?

OneBox HD Apk is by far the best Android app available on the internet that allows users to watch continuous hours of video content from their smartphone. In OneBox HD Apk, you can watch your favorite movies, tv shows, cartoon videos, etc. without spending any money.

The interface of OneBox HD Apk is also beyond amazing, and the app is optimized to run on low-end smartphones. On OneBox HD Apk, you can find movies or tv shows of different genre like thriller, biography, action, suspense, etc. Not only that, but you can also set your preferred video resolution to watch your favorite video content.

The best thing about OneBox HD Apk is that the app is available for free and it doesn’t have any hidden charges. So, every feature of the app remains free and you can watch endless hours of video content. So, its one of the best video streaming app that every video lovers would love to have.

Features of OneBox HD Apk

OneBox HD Apk is indeed a great app to have on Android smartphone. The app also comes with lots of exciting features which we will be discussing below. So, check out some of the key features of the app.

  • OneBox HD Apk is an entirely free video streaming app available on the internet. Not just that the app is free, but the app doesn’t even house any in-app purchases.
  • You can use OneBox HD for Android to watch different types of Movies, TV Shows, Cartoon Videos, etc. directly on your Android smartphone.
  • Each and every movie listed on OneBox HD Apk is well organized. You will find a category for thriller, suspense, biography, crime, etc.
  • The interface of OneBox HD Apk is simply fantastic and it doesn’t look complicated at all. Even new users wouldn’t find the app difficult to use.
  • Another great thing about OneBox HD Apk is that it receives frequent updates. The developers are devoted to make the app bug-free.

These are some of the best features of OneBox HD Apk which you can enjoy after installing the app. The app can do lots of other stuff which you can explore while using the app.

How To Install OneBox HD Apk On Android?

OneBox HD for Android is by far the best Android app available on the internet that allows users to watch countless hours of video content from their smartphone. So, if you have made up your mind to download and install the app on your Android smartphone, lets read out the installation guide.

#1 First of all, download OneBox HD Apk on your Android smartphone.

#2 Once downloaded, move the apk file to a safe location.

#3 In the next step, head to the Settings > Security. Under the Security panel, find and enable ‘Unknown Sources’

#4 Now go back to the location where you have saved OneBox HD Apk and install it normally.

#5 Wait until the app installs on your Android. Once installed, open the app and then explore the videos.

The great thing about OneBox HD Apk is that it can run on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphone. So, the methods can be implemented on both rooted and non-rooted device. If you need some further help regarding the installation guide, make sure to discuss with us in the comments.

Final Verdict

OneBox HD is indeed a great app to have on Android smartphone. The app also comes with a bunch of impressive features which we have discussed above. So, its one of the best video streaming app that every video lovers would love to have.

Download GBWhatsApp For Android!

So, its all about OneBox HD Apk and its features. The installation guide provided in the article works on both rooted and non-rooted device. However, if you need further help or have some queries, then discuss with us in the comments.

CM Launcher Free Download

CM Launcher 3D is the worlds first 3D launcher. Mechanized by 3D engine to make your desktop look more amazing and new. It’s a well organized launcher which helps to manage and run your apps smoothly.

CM Launcher built with some extraordinary effects. Some great features which makes it completely new and different from other launchers. No Wonder why it is the highest rated Launcher in Google Play.

This Application will bring your phone lightning speed, Amazing 3D transition effects, and customized your phone as you like. Its amazing features will make your phone feel like new.

CM Launcher Main Features:

  • 3D Animation: Mechanized by advanced 3D engine. It will give a new look to your tradition interface. Make your operation more interesting, smooth.
  • Boost your Phone By 100%: CM Launcher requires no system storage. It will boost your phone and make your application run faster.
  • Decorate your Phone with divert themes: It will give you access to the best available theme apps. CM Launcher has its own theme store where you will find tons of new and amazing themes. You will always find your favorite one in the worlds biggest theme store.
  • Smart sorting: It will automatically sort your apps into folders. And you will find your most used apps in the desktop.
  • Security: CM Launcher is also mechanized by AV-Test. The best anti-virus engine, which protects your phone from privacy threat and malware.
  • Battery saving: Undo the battery draining process automatically. It can save 30% of your battery life.

These apps file organization process is so unique. You will have different sets of folder according to your apps in the phone. Folder for Utilities, Multimedia, Photography, Games etc.

The another plus point of this app is its very lightweight for a Launcher app. Just 2 megabytes. So if you looking for customized your phone and give your phone completely a new look CM Launcher is the best app out there.